Hard Disk Copiers/Erasers

Hard Disk Copiers/Erasers


Copy Win 7 to multiple drives in less than 2 minutes


The ImageMASSter 4000 and Rapid Image ranges of standalone hard disk duplicators are the most productive products of their type available today, with copy speeds up to 6GB per minute including full data verification.

Some hard disk copiers need to copy the whole drive even if it contains only a small amount of data, however the patented IQ Copy technology enables every ImageMASSter hard drive copier to copy all Microsoft operating systems including NTFS without the need to waste time copying all the blank sectors on the drive. This means that a typical 200GB drive with a 10GB software load can be copied to up to eight target drives in less than 4 minutes, and of course if the drives are larger i.e. 500GB the copy time remains exactly the same.

Not all drive cloners are the same, make sure you check out an ImageMASSter before spending your money.

ImageMASSter Hard Disk Duplicators all Offer The Following Features:

  • IQ Copy - Data only copy mode for all Microsoft formats including NTFS, makes the ImageMASSter the fastest hard drive duplicator available.

  • Hard Drive Support - Supports SAS, Serial ATA, IDE, USB, 2.5” notebook drives, 1.8” notebook drives, PCMCIA, and flash media.**

  • HPA - Full Support for manufacturers using hidden restore partitions (HPA) and Device Overlay (DCO) technologies.  


  • Partition Scaling - Total user control of FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS partition sizes. All other partition types i.e. HFS and Unix supported in sector copy mode.

  • Drive Independence - Different drive types models and capacities can be copied simultaneously.
  • Verification - Full Automatic real time CRC16 error detection can be selected to verify part or all of the data transfer ensuring 100% accurate copies.

  • Wipeout - Single overwrite or full US Department of Defence secure erasure. Essential if you are recycling drives or disposing of computers.

  • Upgradeable - Ongoing software upgrades available as a free download from our website (Technical Support page) to ensure that your ImageMASSter keeps pace with the ever changing drive models.

If you are looking for a hard disk duplicator you're sure to find one here to suit your needs

** All other formats require optional adaptors.