Paraben's Device Seizure

Paraben's Device Seizure


Acquire and analyse data from over 4,000 mobile phones, PDAs, and GPS devices including iPhones (2G, 3G, & 3Gs).


Device Seizure is an advanced forensic acquisition and analysis tool for examining mobile phones, PDAs, and GPS devices and now includes software and hardware so you have everything you need to get started in mobile forensics.

Paraben's Point 2 Point has been integrated into Device Seizure. The Point 2 Point feature converts GPS data points to be read directly into Google Earth so investigators can quickly and easily visualize where these GPS locations are.

Device Seizure has low minimum system requirements. This means you can run Device Seizure on equipment you thought was obsolete for forensic exams.

Get more information from more devices. Depending on the model, Device Seizure can acquire the following data:

  • Logical and physical data extraction
    • Get user information like SMS (text messages), Address Book, Call Logs, Pictures, and more
    • Get deleted data from full physical data dumps
    • Get file system data
  • Extract user passwords
  • View acquired GPS data points and cell phone tower data from providers with integrated Google Earth
  • Automatically parse out acquired data into readable tables and files with data carvers
  • Built-in file viewers
  • Sort acquired files into specific categories for easy review
  • Verification of file integrity with use of MD5 and SHA1 hash values
  • Analyze device backup files stored on a PC
    • Import iTunes backup files
    • Import BlackBerry ICD files
  • Built-in hex and text viewers
  • Advanced searching - Boolean expressions, unicode, and regular expressions
  • Bookmark important case data
  • Supports complete analysis of media cards including deleted data recovery and data carving
  • Supports SIM card acquisitions including deleted data recovery
  • Supports SIM card cloning
  • Advanced reporting options including HTML, text, Excel, & PDF
  • Encrypted case file ensures the integrity of your evidence
    • Acquire multiple devices into the same case
    • Include SIM card and media card acquisitions in the same case
    • Add other files such as crime scene photos to your case
  • Export any acquired data to your PC for review in other tools
  • Case comparer compares two cases to see what has changed on the device
  • Export acquired data for viewing in Paraben's free Link2 link analysis program
  • Includes a one year subscription for updates

  • Deployable Device Seizure

    Deployable Device Seizure
    Deployable Device Seizure (DDS) is a version of Device Seizure designed for use in the field. It is integrated into a tablet PC and is designed for one click acquisitions of basic mobile phone data such as call logs, address book, SMS messages, etc. DDS is the  tool for mobile forensics that allows you to do both logical and physical acquisitions on the same unit and perform full analysis and reporting.

    DDS is the perfect tool for any level of computer user. With an easy to use interface and auto-detection of device drivers. Threaded analysis results and parsing mean you can be only minutes away from evidence grade results.

    Get more information from more devices. Depending on the model, Deployable Device Seizure can acquire the following data:
    • SMS History (Text Messages)
    • Phonebook (both stored in the memory of the phone and on the SIM card)
    • Call History
      • Received Calls
      • Dialed Numbers
      • Missed calls
      • Call Dates & Durations
    • Datebook
    • Scheduler
    • Calendar
    • To-Do List
    • Filesystem
      • System Files
      • Multimedia Files (Images, Videos, etc.)
      • Java Files
      • Quicknotes
      • More...
    • PDA Databases
    • E-mail
    Licensing Options: Dongle

    The list doesn’t stop there because Paraben's Device Seizure (DS) is also part of the DDS unit so you are able to acquire physical images as well as recover deleted data from supported models.

    What’s included in DDS:
    • DDS Software
    • Device Seizure & Cables
    • Paraben’s Mobile Driver Pack
    • Complete software subscription for both DS and DDS for 1 year
    • Support for over 4000 mobile devices and more added with each release
    • SIM Card Cloning and Clonable SIM Card
    • Support of GSM and CDMA SIM Card Acquisition & Analysis
    • Comprehensive logging for field issues with devices to allow for faster support response
    • Patented Faraday technology (Wireless StrongHold Bag)
    • Easy to use system
    • Forensic validation from both MD5 and SHA256 Hash values
    • Deleted Data Recovery
    • Quick Analysis Review
    • Threaded Acquisition and Analysis Display
    • True Global Manufacturer Support with both domestic and international operating systems and models supported